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(IEEE Michigan) – tranmission lines, power rails, ground bounce…

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Conference Date: 9th May, 2019
Time: TBD
Speaker: Keynotes and invited presentations at EMC Fest
Location: 19525 Victor Parkway, Livonia, Michigan, USA
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Illustrating Signal and Power Integrity Principles through Measurement Examples

Program Outline:

6:00 Vendor Table Setup (till 8:30) 



Session 1 – What every scope user needs to know about transmission lines

Is it really true that the longer the cable, the longer the RC charging and the longer the rise time?  Does this mean only short cables can offer high bandwidth?When should you use a 50 Ohm input and when a 1 Meg input to the scope?  Why do I measure a rise time of 150 nsec for the compensation signal on the front of the scope and others report it as 5 nsec rise time?

10:00 Break & Exhibits


Session 2 –
 Challenges measuring power rails

Power rail measurements offer a few unique challenges that typical signal measurements do not. These arise from the low level voltages on top of large DC levels, the low impedance source, the high bandwidth and the potential of rf pick up from non-coaxial probes. We will show how accurate, high bandwidth measurements of power rail voltages are sensitive to artifacts and how to overcome them so you can get a more accurate and realistic measure of your power rails.

12:00 LUNCH

Session 3 – Don’t let ground bounce ruin your day

Cross talk will always be lowest when the signals use a continuous return path. But not all interconnects provide a continuous return path. In packages, connectors, vias and gaps in planes, the return path has discontinuities. In these cases, and when multiple signals share the same return path, the cross talk will be much higher than for a uniform plane. We call this sort of cross talk, ground bounce. We will introduce the most important fundamental principles of ground bounce, how to measure it and how to avoid it in your next design. If you care about ground bounce, and everyone should, this seminar is for you.

2:00 Break & Exhibits

Session 4 – Faster time to insight through the frequency domain

While the real world is the time domain, sometimes we can gain insight about the origin of problems by looking in the frequency domain. The time domain and frequency domain properties of power rail noise are a little different than for digital signals. For some types of components, such as analog parts, mixed signal or clock generation, very low levels of power rail noise can have a big impact on performance. Sometimes the best way of finding noise sources is by frequency domain analysis. We will discuss best measurement practices using real-time oscilloscopes to analyze power rail noise in the time and frequency domains to provide insight into the root cause of the problems

4:00 Reception
5:00 Close of EMC Fest

About the Speaker:
Eric is the author of Signal and Power Integrity – Simplified, 3rd Edition. EMC Fest registrants can purchase this book for 30% off using code LYTLE at checkout at this link . Learn more about Eric here .


Eric Bogatin is currently a Signal Integrity Evangelist with Teledyne LeCroy and the Dean of the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy, at Be The Signal. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado – Boulder in the ECEE dept, and technical editor of the Signal Integrity Journal.

Bogatin received his BS in physics from MIT in 1976 and MS and PhD in physics from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1980. He has held senior engineering and management positions at Bell Labs, Raychem, Sun Microsystems, Ansoft and Interconnect Devices. He has written seven technical books in the field and presents classes and lectures on signal integrity world wide.

In 2011, his company, Bogatin Enterprises, which he founded with his wife, Susan in 1990, was acquired by Teledyne LeCroy. After concluding his live public classes in 2013, he devoted his efforts into creating the Signal Integrity Academy, a web portal to provide all of his classes and training content online, for individuals and for companies.

For Teledyne LeCroy, he lectures worldwide on Best Measurement Practices using high performance oscilloscopes.

As an adjunct professor at CU, Eric teaches classes on PCB design, high speed digital design and other electronics classes.

Email: eric.bogatin@colorado.edu

Eric Bogatin, Ph.D.
Professor @ Universtiy of Colorado Boulder & Author of Shadow Engineer