Tackling Emerging Millimeter-Wave Applications 🗓

— (IEEE ComSoc / Keysight) – Millimeter-wave, 5G, communications, testing, optimization …

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Webinar Date: On-going
Time: Open
Speaker: Greg Jue, Keysight
Location: On the Web
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Large swaths of contiguous millimeter-wave spectrum are being opened in the U.S, which offers the allure of using some of these bands for new and interesting high data throughput applications. For example, emerging applications such as 802.11ay require bandwidths of approximately 4 GHz, with the potential of up to approximately 8 GHz of bandwidth moving forward. However, this will require careful consideration in designing and testing systems to support these wider modulation bandwidths and higher-order modulation types.

This webcast will discuss some of the challenges these very wide signal bandwidths introduce, and present considerations to optimize system performance. A simulation case-study will be used to illustrate the impact of design impairments on system EVM performance. An R&D testbed for emerging wideband millimeter-wave applications will be applied to 802.11ay and the considerations and tradeoffs in achieving good EVM performance will be discussed.

Greg Jue is an applications development engineer working on 5G applications at Keysight Technologies. He has worked in Keysight’s aerospace and defense applications team, the high performance oscilloscopes team and at EEsof, specializing in 802.11ac, LTE, WiMAX, aerospace and defense and software-defined radio applications. Jue wrote the design simulation section in Agilent Technologies’ LTE book and has authored numerous articles, presentations, application notes and whitepapers. Before joining HP/Agilent, he worked on the system design for the Deep Space Network at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.