The Hyper-Network and Legal Gateways of E-Mobility 🗓

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Webinar Date: On-going
Time: Open
Speaker: Thomas Walz (IBM) & Monika Menz (Vossius & Partner)
Location: On the Web
Cost: None
RSVP: Required
Event Details: (The Hyper-Network and Legal Gateways of E-Mobility)

The pace of change in the automotive industry is accelerating. Markets are evolving from manufacturers designing cars as stand-alone products into entirely new forms of mobility services focused on driver experience. This complimentary, one-hour webinar will highlight key technologies for data and service monetization relevant to the automotive sector, as well as the legal aspects associated with electro-mobility as a new form of mobility service.

Mr. Thomas Walz of IBM will provide an overview of key features of NeMo (an EU-funded H2020 Technology and Innovation Project), relevant standards, and the importance of common information models and new standards in the automotive industry. Ms. Monika Menz of Vossius & Partner will then explore the legal aspects involved in the creation of an E-mobility platform. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A segment.

Thomas Walz is Technical Relations Executive @ IBM (IoT for Auto, Connected Car, E-mobility and Autonomous Transport)

Monika Menz is Attorney at Law @ Vossius & Partner. She has been a certified specialist lawyer for information technology law since 2011, and has many years of practical experience in advising clients on data protection law.