A New Health Architecture: Blockchain & Patient Data Exchanges 🗓

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Webinar Date: February 5, 2019
Time: 01:00 PM (EST)
Speaker(s): Various
Location: Webinar
Cost: Complimentary
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The price for validated and verified patient data for clinical trials recruitment and research is highly valuable. The value trapped in unused data to expedite finding treatments and therapies for chronic or rare diseases is priceless.

85% of personal health data is only used once! (Dr. Vahan Simonyan, CRISPR Therapeutics). In real terms, what does this mean? That the global health community is investing money to generate data that gets used once and stored away in a silo for no other person or entity to use. This creates both a financial and time deficit for clinical researchers and scientists who need data to expedite therapies from the bench to trials to patients.

Join IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) for this complimentary webinar and learn how cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain/distributed ledger technologies (DLT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, etc. are feeding scientists and researchers with critical data to identify the genesis of diseases but also how to better anticipate and combat them. They are not only breaking boundaries on what kind of data it can produce beyond human capacity but breaking the norms on how we share it, use it and continue to contribute to it with the consent and management by patients.

Robert Chu, “The Innovator”, CEO, Embleema

Dr. Vahan Simonyan, “The Scientist”, Senior Director of Bioinformatics, CRISPR Therapeutics

Dr. Yauheni Solad, “The Physician”, Medical Director of Digital Health, Yale New Haven Health

Maria Palombini, “The Moderator”, Director, Emerging Communities & Opportunites, IEEE-SA