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Date: May  14 May 2019.
Time: 06:30 PM to 09:00 PM (EDT)
Speaker: Robert J. Slebodnik, PE.

4350 Northern Pike
Monroeville, Pennsylvania
United States 15146.

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Substations are one of the vital links in the flow of electrical power through the grid from generators to consumers. They are often out of sight and out of mind; therefore, only having power at the receptacle is what matters to customers. The result is that they are frequently taken for granted. This presentation provides an overview of the essential elements required to design a high voltage electrical transmission or distribution substation. Although it will be educational for engineers and designers new to this field and for seasoned personnel needing a refresher and new insights, it is mainly intended for engineers not familiar with power substations and their design who want to learn about the subject. It will also be informative for non-technical and non-electrical personnel managing or working on substation installation project teams, such as project managers or civil engineers. The objective is to gain a deeper appreciation of substations and their design.

The presentation follows the major steps in the design process of a typical substation from its conception to its construction. It will also convey common pitfalls encountered and how to prevent them. Topics include: basic concepts, project development, alternate electrical arrangements, physical layouts, standards, codes, siting, site preparation, grounding, foundations, structures, insulation, bus conductors, major equipment (e.g., transformers, circuit breakers, switches, and capacitors), auxiliary equipment, control buildings, AC/DC station service, final design drawings and deliverables, and construction support. Substation protection and controls are not covered in this presentation.


Robert J. Slebodnik, earned a BSEE from the University of Pittsburgh in 1975 and started at Allegheny Power (AP), a major electric utility, until a 2011 merge with FirstEnergy. He worked in engineering and management positions until retiring in 2018 as Supervisor of Substation Engineering & Design leading design teams on substation projects. His extensive 42 years’ experience is in high voltage substation design and equipment specification from 12kV to 765kV. He coordinated the siting of 65 new substations and designed 35 new substations along with numerous substation upgrades, additions and expansions. He assisted in implementing systems for CAD, grounding design, cost estimating and project management. He instructed Substation Design for PSU’s Advanced School in Power Engineering and AP’s Training Center, and authored, published and presented related papers to utility industry groups. Bob has been a licensed professional engineer in PA since 1986. He has been an IEEE member since 1989, a Senior Member in 2007, belongs to the PES, and was Tutorial Chair for the 2008 IEEE PES General Meeting. He has been a CIGRE member since 2011 and served as a full member of WG B3.43 “Contemporary Design of Low Cost Substations in Developing Countries”. Bob’s most recent major assignment was reviewing consultants’ engineering on the Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line (TrAIL) megaproject, a $1B expansion in PJM for reliability with a 210-mile 500kV line across 3 states, a new 500/138kV substation and 500kV line terminals at existing stations – all in-service in a 5 year schedule. His last design was a new 138-34.5kV, 35MVA industrial customer substation supplying a treatment plant for wastewater from hydraulic-fracture drilling of natural gas wells.