What happens to my role in Agile? 🗓 🗺

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Date: October 10 2019.
Time: 05:40 PM to 07:45 PM (EDT)
Speaker: Eric Naiburg of


19 Memorial Drive West
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
United States 18015.

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I am often asked this question: “I am a project manager and our company is moving to agile or scrum, does that mean I will now become a scrum master?” In response, I hesitate and then give what seems to be the stereotypical consultant answer: “It depends.” The problem I have answering the question is that it really does depend.


Eric Naiburg

Eric Naiburg is co-author of “UML for Database Design” and “UML for Mere Mortals”. Eric is currently Vice President of Marketing and Operations for where he is responsible for all aspects of marketing, support, outbound communications and operations for  Previously he held the role of director of marketing for INetU (now ViaWest). Before INetU, Eric was program director at IBM and Rational Software responsible for application lifecycle management (ALM), DevOps and Agile solutions Eric has held product management and marketing roles with other organizations including: Ivar Jacobson Consulting, CAST Software and Logic Works Inc. (Acquired by Platinum Technologies and CA), as product manager for ERwin.